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 Graphic rules & guidelines

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PostSubject: Graphic rules & guidelines   Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:22 pm

This is a volunteer service for our active and established community members only.

When posting a request please start a new thread and please be patient and don't harass our volunteers. If a day or more goes by then maybe post again to see if maybe your initial request post got missed.

It is up to you to discuss your needs and wants with the member that agrees to help you; please remember that you are getting this service for free, so don't be upset if the volunteer designer can't get your project exactly the way you wanted.

Again, please be respectful of our volunteers and do not go overboard with too many requests. We reserve the right to impose a cut off when/if needed.

As for who does the work here ... any established member with the appropriate skills who wishes to volunteer to help out here is more than welcome to do so! Just reply to the request you wish to work on saying you can do it, so more than one person doesn't work on the same thing Then ask whatever details you need from the requesting member.

Please make sure that any graphics used on the board (signature banners, avatars, etc) fit within the board rules and guidelines for such. Avatars should be no more than 100x100 pixels and signature banners should be no more than 450x150. If there is any question about this, feel free to ask.

*We reserve the right to amend these guidelines if/when the need arises*
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Graphic rules & guidelines
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