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 How-to: Get your shop noticed

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PostSubject: How-to: Get your shop noticed   Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:43 pm

1. Sell great products. Pretty simple, sell what you love and believe in and people will take notice.

2. High-quality photos: Looks are everything! Don’t even try to upload anything without taking an amazing shot of it first. Well-lit, attractive photos will entice buyers from search results.

3. Fill up your shop: The more items you have, the more opportunities you have to be found.

4. Tag liberally: Use all of your tag space; consider keywords and phrases that buyers are likely to search for.

5. Share your story: Communicate what sets you apart in your Shop Profile. You may even get selected for the Etsy blog as a featured seller. [Telling the world your personal sob story will not help your cause. Instead, make like the pros and share the journey of the item you're selling.]

6. Keep up with the trends. Etsy’s monthly Merch Desk series will keep you in the loop about what will be featured across the site from month to month.

7. Pin It: This year, Etsy was one of the first e-commerce sites to integrate with Pinterest. Do not underestimate the power of the pin. There’s a community on Pinterest that organize their wish-list for items to buy on Etsy. Do your homework by studying their pinning habits. It’s the best way to get ahead of the trends.

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How-to: Get your shop noticed
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