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 Rookie Guide - How to use etsy

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PostSubject: Rookie Guide - How to use etsy   Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:50 pm

Brand new to the world of selling handmade? Well let me tell you we at etsy are very grateful to have you joining the team.

1.Each time you list an item, it screens across the bottom of the etsy homepage, and it also appears in the "time machine" functions. It also raises you to the top of the category list in whatever top-level category you've chosen for your item (which a viewer sees when she or he chooses that category under the the "sell" page). For these reasons, it's best to space out your listings instead of posting them all at once when they're ready. Posting once or twice a day if you can is great. Of course, when you're first setting up shop you need to post more frequently than you would normally, but once you have at least enough items to spill onto a second page you can slow down.

2.If you need to temporarily take an item out of your store, don't delete it--just put it in "edit" mode. To do this, go to your list of current items, select "edit," and then just close the window or click to some other link. To get back to your item, select "inactive items." This trick is very handy if you want to bring pieces to a show.

3.Hearting--this is what etsians call it when you add someone as a favorite seller (at the bottom right of a storefront page or an item listing page there's a link to do this). It's useful to heart a lot of people, especially when you're first starting out. This is one way that people will sometimes find your shop--they'll see that you hearted them and they'll go visit out of curiosity. Also, it's fun, and a nice thing to do. You can heart items, too, which is really useful for finding things you might want to buy later on. FYI, when an item sells and is then relisted, hearts and view counts do not carry over when it reappears.

4.Go to the "Promotions and Critiques" section of the Forums, introduce yourself, and ask for a critique of your store. Don't worry, people are friendly.

5. Have more tips and advice for newbies? Share here
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Rookie Guide - How to use etsy
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