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 Selling description 101

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PostSubject: Re: Selling description 101   Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:37 am

I just opend my store, STONYBRIDGEJEWELRY, where I sell hand made jewelery in silver or gold. When I list a pendant there are thousands of chain possibilities. I would like to give my customers a number of finished (commercial) chain styles and lengths so they don't have to pay the 300% mark up at jewelry stores. There are a number of sellers/Shops in "Supplies" category that list these same items but I don't know how to describe them since they are not handmade.


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PostSubject: Selling description 101   Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:54 pm

Make the most of your items description when listing your items for sale with these quick and easy tips:

Each piece listed in your shop tells a story. Connections to these stories and to you, the creator, are part of the rewards of buying handmade. Mass-produced pieces of art don’t have any meaning when you pick them up off the shelf. A product from Etsy, however, is a unique expression of your own creativity. But in order for a buyer to realize that, you need to describe the uniqueness of your art.

On top of that, the realities of buying online can further complicate your efforts to be a successful seller. Without being able to see and touch your creations, you have to make them come alive from a flat, lifeless computer screen. The buyer needs to be able to picture how their next purchase will appear in their home or on their body.

The best way to begin to write your descriptions is to ask yourself this: when I am buying an item from another Etsy seller, what sort of information am I looking for?

Once Upon a Time

More than creating a photo or painting, a bar of soap or jar of lotion, a pair of earrings or a pair of mittens, you are creating a work of art, an expression of your creative spirit. As you begin to tell your buyers about your piece, let your spirit shine through. Tell the buyer what inspired you as you created your piece. Was it a beautiful sunset? A memory of a wonderful vacation? An ode to a friend or family member? This makes your creation seem like an expression of you, a labor of love. Forging a connection with a buyer will keep them looking and keep them returning to your store.

Another part of the joys of buying handmade is knowing a little bit about how you created your item. Did you use any special materials? Old buttons from your mom? Scraps from your dad’s necktie? A painting technique learned from a friend? Did you use basic materials in an unusual way? Expressing this is part of helping a buyer understand why your piece is so special.

Lively descriptions of the colors and materials can help make your creation pop off the screen and into a buyer’s brain. Whether your item sparkles and glows, or is subdued and sophisticated, helping the buyer imagine how it might appear in real life means they are one step closer to adding it to their cart. It can help foster excitement about what they are about to purchase.

Now, the details. What are the dimensions, size, and/or shape of your piece? How long are your earrings or necklace? How big are your notecards or photographs? What size is the dress or hat? Can you do alterations? A buyer who receives what they expect is a happy buyer – and one who might return to your shop again and again.

If you’re having a sale or a special deal on an item or in your shop, be sure to include this in your shop announcement AND in each item description. Describe how your item is packaged. Especially for the holiday season, let your buyers know if the item might be a good gift for Grandma or your kid’s teacher.

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Selling description 101
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